Fat Metal Amptweaker


 The team's opinion: It's always a pleasure to receive used effects pedals from the Amptweaker brand!! Especially their "standard" models and not the juniors. As you know, at Effects Area we love rare and original used effects pedals. Since the Tightrock didn't last long on our site, we needed the edgier version of the American manufacturer. And it's done with this Fat Metal! So let's break the suspense from the start, it's a very distinctive distortion that won't suit all guitarists. Its name is not truncated and the followers of Black Metal and other extreme derivatives will find their account there. However, the pedal is absolutely not caricatural like the famous Metal Zone (which despite everything has character). Its knobs and switches allow it a certain flexibility.

It is possible to change its voicing and obtain more trashy sounds. The headroom is simply monstrous and the manufacturer has seen fit to incorporate a very effective Noise Gate: the Djent is yours! As usual at Amptweaker, the standard pedals are equipped with an effects loop. A few clarifications: This loop allows you to place effects upstream or downstream of the pedal and enable/disable/combine them with the latter. To put it simply, let's say that for the verse of your song you want the clean sound of your amplifier with a slight chorus and delay. Place the chorus and delay in the loop of the Amptweaker. Once on the chorus you want a big distortion. But how to deactivate the delay, the chorus and activate the saturation of the pedal in the same period of time? When Tightrock is activated, the chorus and delay effects placed in the loop will be cut automatically!! It's up to you to get the big fat saturation without juggling. Are you going back to the 2nd verse? No worries, by disabling Tightrock your effects will come back! A very appreciable feature and simple to implement! A used effect pedal in very good condition. An interesting alternative to Seymour Duncan Palladium. Find the Amptweaker in action on our channel Youtube