Amptweaker Tight Bass Jr


The team's opinion: A complete pre-amplification section at your feet? is it now possible thanks to this used Amptweaker Tight Bass? The Amptweaker brand has accustomed us to its "large format" pedals, with in particular the excellent Tightrock that we recently had on the site. These effects pedals are considered by many to be the most complete on the market. As usual, we wanted to test the bass version! Small clarification: this is the junior version, which uses the same circuit as its big sister while simplifying the controls. Announced as a pedal ranging from Clean Boost to thick saturation, the Tight Bass Jr will allow you to cover a wide range of sounds. The different switches offer impressive flexibility depending on their position. The Plexi, Normal and Smooth switches will impact the EQ when the Tight selector will modify the Gain structure!

As if that were not enough, Amptweaker decided to equip its pedals with a very effective Noise Gate in case of heavy saturation. A very complete pedal, both aesthetically and sonically successful and offering an enticing range of sounds. Small bonus, although intended for bass, this effect pedal works very well with electric guitars, like what! This used Amptweaker tight bass is a rare model on the second-hand market so go for it!

A great alternative toAMT Bass Crunch. You can find this Amptweaker in action (good with a guitar so the result is strange!) on our channel Youtube.