Cmatmods Signa Drive


The team's opinion: We knew the AMT brand for their guitar amp emulations in pedal format, but what about their bass effects pedals? When we saw this funny pedal, with a design straight out of the Soviet era, we couldn't resist! On paper, this Bass Crunch has everything to seduce: 2 completely independent channels, a plethora of frequency settings and a DI output! The ultimate weapon for any demanding bassist. Once plugged into a clean transistor amp, the warmth of the pedal caught our attention. The promise is kept, the JFET technology really heats up the sound of your amplifier, giving the feeling of playing on all tubes. On channel 1 the gain is discreet but brings a welcome coloring. On channel 2, the saturation is much more pronounced and rises to the level of the fuzz!

This combination is very interesting because it allows you to transform your single channel amp into triple channels! As the gain of each channel is very progressive, one can imagine assigning 2 different basses to each of them. As if that weren't enough, the Amt Bass Crunch includes a DI and a cabinet simulator. It then becomes possible to plug it into a mixing console or a sound card to record your bass directly. A very effective bass effect pedal, intended for bassists playing in modern Rock/Hard Rock registers. Usable both live and in the studio, all in a very compact format.

A good surprise, especially with active basses, giving a very powerful sound. A great alternative to EBS MicroBass II Preamp. Find our bass effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube