Catalinbread Callisto


The team's opinion: Catalinbread is one of those brands offering truly original products. This used Catalinbread Callisto is the perfect example! Under cover of a Chorus actually hides a completely barred effect pedal! Although the settings seem quite “normal” for this type of effect, their amplitude is extremely large. As a result, it is possible to switch from a light chorus, ideal for warming up your guitar sound, to a mix of tremolo/chorus thanks to the Rate knob. Please note, this is an analog, vintage-oriented chorus. Although relatively flexible, it is intended above all for a Clean/Crunch register.

Chorus enthusiasts capable of handling large saturations can go their own way. On the other hand, this vintage “matching” is characterized by an extremely detailed sound that is faithful to your guitar. Experiment, on the front with single microphones. Since the knobs are interactive, it is important to consider their respective interaction. This is not a plug and play pedal, but once set up correctly it will take you a long way. The used Catalinbread callisto offered here is in mint condition. So this is an excellent deal! This effect pedal is a very good alternative to the Greenhouse Effects Stonefish. Find our product tests on our Youtube channel Effects Area