Catalinbread Manx Loagthan


The team's opinion: Does a fuzz pedal that doesn't go overboard speak to you? Here, gain knob at minimum, saturation will still be present but will remain defined. Short explanation: the Treble and Bass knobs take advantage of the Baxandall system, allowing you to increase or decrease the treble and bass without impacting the mid frequencies! And this little feature makes all the difference. As you know, hi-gain (even more so with a fuzz pedal) is the enemy of mid frequencies. When these mid frequencies disappear, it becomes difficult for the guitar to break through the mix. This system assures you of a constant mid frequency range, regardless of the Bass/Treble setting. The sustain knob affects the amount of fuzz!

Regarding the gain, know that it goes very (very) high, and will allow you to play a Stoner register like Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss or Fu Manchu without any problem. Yes, gritty garage rock fans will be delighted. A fuzz pedal derived from the very famous Big Muff. The latter, however, is much more original. A great alternative to DopeFX Earth Dweller. Find our fuzz pedal tests on our channel Youtube.