Cmatmods Signa Drive


ts9 inspired overdrive pedal

The team's opinion: In our quest for the ultimate used overdrive pedal, we have once again found our happiness at Cmatmods! Indeed, if we all agree that their effects pedals do not shine by their design, just plug them in and forget about it! They are part, in our opinion, of the top of the basket of effects pedals. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to their latest baby, the Signa Drive. Behind this name hides a TS9. Yes but much more complete than the original. In addition to exceptional dynamics (at the level of the Hiwatt Tube Distortion !) it is a real Swiss army knife.

First of all know one thing, this Signa Drive offers much more gain than the original. It is therefore possible to use it as the main saturation, even in a Hard Rock register (Alice in Chain, Airboune etc.). The 3-position switch will allow you to change the voicing, thus allowing you to shape the saturation as you wish. Finally, it is possible to supply it with 9 or 18 volts. Again, this feature will greatly impact the sound reproduction. A second-hand overdrive pedal to adopt urgently (otherwise we keep it for ourselves)! Find our tests on our channel Youtube