Cornell TM Boost


The team's opinion: The Cornell TM Boost is a booster pedal from the renowned brand Cornell. Originally, the latter specialized in the manufacture of very high-end tube amps. Suddenly, when we saw this pedal our curiosity was naturally piqued.

So this TM Boost what is it? Well a 2 in 1 boost pedal. Let me explain! As you can see from the pictures, the TM Boost has 2 channels.

The first only manages the Treble, and the 2nd the Middle and the Gain! As a result, you can use it as a classic Treble booster: Activate the dedicated channel and hop, the treble is increased. Yes, but not only. By pushing the latter, the general gain will also go up. Then comes the 2nd channel: The latter will increase the general saturation but also the middles!

Just with these 2 independent channels you can greatly extend the possibilities of your guitar amp couple. But what if I told you that it is possible to combine the 2 channels? Yes a Treble Booster and a more classic boost. This allows you to have almost 2 additional saturation stages!

Attention, the reserve of gain is very consequent. the pedal is capable of saturating a clean channel, but its vocation is above all to push a slightly saturated or downright distorted channel. All with a creamy and resolutely vintage finish! Lovers of a clean and straight sound this pedal is not for you. Fan of the British sound of the 70's? This Cornell TM Boost is definitely for you.

A great alternative to Solidgold FX Booster. Find our effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube.