Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic


The team's opinion: The crazy tube circuits black magic has succeeded in reproducing the hardest thing to find on a Hi-gain effect pedal! Dynamics and effective equalization. Yes, you know it as well as I do, it can get very complicated. Don't panic, Black Magic is here for you! If you are a regular on our site, you will know that we really like this brand, which offers original and very qualitative references. Black Magic is no exception to this rule. With this saturation, you will have full control over your signal. If the knobs look familiar to you, know that it's normal: The Crazy Tube Circuits team wanted to faithfully reproduce a tube amp diagram.

Combined with technology based on Jfet transistors, you can imagine the result. The gain rises very high, fans of metal and other nervous styles will find their account. But it would be a shame to confine it to simple brutality. Thanks to its equalization, its presence and its Hi/Lo switch, the Black Magic is surprisingly versatile (always in saturated styles.) The ultimate weapon for guitarists looking for a powerful and modern sound! We like and we validate!

The Crazy tube circuits black magic is a great alternative to the Orange Bax Bangeetar. You can find our effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube