Dunlop Univibes


 The team's opinion:

It is not without pride that we offer you this legendary second-hand chorus pedal! A Dunlop Uni-Vibe, a reissue of an effect widely used by the late Jimi Hendrix. But ultimately a Uni-Vibe what is it? It is quite simply a simulation of a Leslie cabinet, the ancestor of the modern tremolo-chorus! How it works? Rotating speakers in a dedicated box, creating that feeling of movement. The Dunlop therefore emulates this vintage effect with the comfort of a modern product. Behind its massive appearance and heavy weight hides an unstoppable weapon for aficionados of 60s-style sounds. the led!). Because yes, this effect pedal offers 2 very distinct effects. The intensity knob controls the amount of effect relative to the original signal.

On clean sounds, the vibrato-chorus is terribly effective and organic. However, it will reveal all its interest in Crunchy sounds and Fuzz Face type Fuzz! Attention, this pedal does not support modern saturations and Hi-gain. As you will have understood, this Uni-Vibe is resolutely vintage. It will not suit all guitarists, but will satisfy those who know how to tame it. Model offered here in new condition, with its original box and 18V power supply. A used chorus pedal in mint condition. If you are looking for a more modern model, we recommend the Greenhouse Effects Stonefish. Find our video tests on our channel Youtube.