Fortin Whitechapel Blade


The team's opinion: The Fortin Whitechapel Blade blew us away! So first of all, know that this is a signature model. A signature model of a group and not of a single guitarist, like what.

The Fortin Blade was developed in collaboration with the guitarists of the Whitechapel band. A Metal band (deathcore very precisely) with a very sharp and precise sound.

This boost pedal has been thought of as a Tubescreamer dedicated to Metal, but by erasing its drawbacks. Indeed, many guitarists have once used a Tubescreamer to boost the sound of their amp. This technique, although not confined to a style, was still widely used in Metal. The problem is that this classic TS tends to bring out the mid frequencies. A good thing in general, except in a style as precise as Metal.

The Fortin Whitechapel Blade corrects the situation by offering an ultra-precise boost system. Indeed, the gain knob will shake your modern amp, but the equalization will make all the difference! Exit the classic Tone knob, and welcome to the 2 Low Cut and High Pass knobs. Thanks to this you will be able to drastically modify your sound and especially give this surgical side (very appreciated in modern Metal).

A great alternative to Jacques Pedal Tube Blower.

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