Fulltone Fuzz 70


The team's opinion: Fulltone USA has accustomed us to excellent references. Our favorites are of course the OCD and the Fulldrive 3. However, this fulltone fuzz pedal is a very interesting model. We find there the Fulltone paw, namely a product combining vintage and modern characteristics. Vintage for this particular grain and modern for its dynamics and handling. Getting started, let's talk about it! Equipped with 3 knobs (+ a useful internal trimpot depending on the material used with it) the Fulltone Fuzz 70 swaps the traditional Tone with a Mids knob! Well thought out and super practical when you know that mid frequencies are the worst enemies of fuzz. Thanks to the latter it becomes easy to go over the mix without pushing the volume unreasonably.

Regarding the sound, this effect pedal starts out with a slightly dirty drive and ends with a fat and thick fuzz, which fans of Queens of the Stone Age know so well! On a crunch channel, gain at noon the result is simply stunning! To be adopted without further delay, knowing that the model presented for sale here is new! This fulltone fuzz pedal is sort of the edgy cousin of the Fulltone Catalyst. Well the ideal would be to have the 2 is not it?

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