G-Lab Tidy Chorus TCH-1


The team's opinion: The Polish brand G Lab specializes in the manufacture of effects pedals and controllers for amplifiers. Most of their modulation pedals are composed of a double circuit allowing to have 2 effects in 1 as well as an ultra complete connection. The Tidy Chorus features a mix of analog and digital technology with 24-bit DSP. This mixture of the 2 will allow you to enjoy the warmth and naturalness of analog, but also the flexibility of digital.  

The 2 channels (independent!) include Rate and Depth knobs, allowing you to define 2 different choruses, available at any time via the A/B controller. One can then imagine the possibilities offered by this effect pedal. The Fat switch will fatten the sound, ideal for giving depth to your guitar (or bass). The mix knob allows you to precisely dose the amount of chorus on the Dry signal. Special mention to the midi connectors which will allow you, via an external controller, to manage presets! A real Swiss army knife, versatile but not devoid of character. The pedal presented here is in new condition. To consume without moderation.