Greenhouse Effects Stone Fish


The team's opinion: At Effects Area we are big fans of the Greenhouse Effects brand. Indeed, in addition to being innovative, their products offer a very elegant design. The Stonefish is a very particular effect pedal, very influenced by the 80s. Indeed, it is a Vibrato/Chorus. A 2-in-1 pedal of sorts. The analog circuit of the chorus, will allow you to choose to have a discreet chorus, ideal to thicken your sound or a very out of phase chorus, an effect particularly appreciated by the hard rock groups of the 80s.

Because yes, this chorus supports large saturations!! In vibrato mode, the pedal is able to emulate a Leslie cabinet, while adding a very significant dose of imperfections. Thanks to this it will then be possible to release Lo-fi typed arpeggios. A pedal you won't let go of.