Greer Amps Texas Voodoo


The team's opinion: Resulting from a collaboration between Nick Greer and Infinity Guitar Houston, the Texas Voodoo is an effect pedal produced in a very limited series. Halfway between a sustained overdrive and a fuzz, Nick Greer wanted to reproduce the sound of the legendary riff "Voodoo Child". You know that fuzzy saturation! The least we can say is that behind this rather refined design hides an extremely well-built pedal with surprising sounds. Hendrix aficionados won't feel out of place, but this pedal offers so much more.

Lovers of Classic Rock, Garage Rock or Country will also find what they are looking for. Indeed, before arriving on a proper Fuzz, the Texas Voodoo offers a devastating overdrive, which will make any amplifier roar. A treat with a strat, but guitars equipped with humbuckers will not be outdone! The sound remains articulated over the entire race of the gain knob and the harmonics fuse very quickly. Special mention to the Grit knob which instead of managing the tone itself, will rather intervene on the Bias! Basically this can greatly change the character of the pedal. In short, it's great!