Hamstead Odyssey Intergalactic


The team's opinion: Ok, so with this Hamstead Odyssey Intergalactic Driver I don't even know where to start: Ah yes! For some (including Andy of Pro Guitar Shop, it's the best overdrive pedal ever made). Wouldn't he go a little strong?

Well it is clear that this pedal is simply a marvel. First of all because it works as well as a boost, an overdrive, a big saturation. Yes, it's rare enough to point it out.

Already, know that the gain is able to go quite far. It can therefore act as a saturation lead. The fairly incredible Eq allows you to sculpt the sound with unparalleled precision.

But the strong point of the latter is its different modes, accommodating almost all guitars on the market. I'm sure you've found great overdrive for your Les Paul, but once you switch to your Strat, it's not the same. Thanks to the Intergalactic Driver, that's all history.

The various switches and filters will allow you to go from a TS-style boost to an ultra-fat fuzzy saturation. Ah and going through extremely incisive palm mutes for metal. What is striking with this pedal is above all its dynamics.

Offer as many features and remain perfectly dynamic regardless of the mode is a feat. And this feat we owe to the English team of Hamstead, which largely deserves its “Guitarist Choice” for this incredible Hamstead Odyssey Intergalactic Driver.

Is there an alternative to him? If its price seems high to you, you can turn to the Flex Drive, but these 2 pedals do not fight in the same category.