Hermida Audio Eph-3


 The team's opinion: This Hermida Audio delay aims to reproduce a vintage tape echo! According to the manufacturer, this effect pedal perfectly simulates the Echoplex (pedal that has become legendary). We never had the opportunity to test the original, but this EPH-3 is really excellent! Thanks to its knobs, it is possible to start with a subtle chorus and end with 1 second repetitions. This feat is made possible thanks to a hybrid technology, combining analog and digital. Although the settings can offer many possibilities, we certainly find this impression of warmth, faithful to the tape echoes. Special mention to the Flutter knob, allowing you to manage the volume of modulation within your signal. You know that modulation generating a kind of Chorus/Tremolo!

This Hermida Audio delay pedal can be placed on the front with a moderate gain for a vintage effect or in the loop in case of more pronounced saturation. An excellent reference, rather rare and handcrafted in the US!

A very serious competitor to the excellent JHS Panther Cub. The disappearance of the brand makes it a rare effect pedal on the second-hand market. Find our effects pedal tests on our channel Youtube