Hermida Audio Tiki Drive


The team's opinion: If you clicked on this product, you are a specialist! Hermida Audio was a brand of very high-end boutique effects pedals. Now gone in favor of Lovepedal, his creations are nonetheless references! The Tiki Drive is in line with the brand. This is a very angry dynamic overdrive. Its 2 gain knobs allow it to start with a very musical clean boost to reach a fuzzy saturation rich in harmonics.

Have fun combining the 2 gain stages and see the result, it's stunning. Besides, I invite you to watch the test of this pedal on our Youtube channel. To add versatility to this already well-stocked pedal, the engineers at Hermida Audio decided to add a Voice knob. Thanks to the latter, you will radically change the sound signature of the pedal... This Tiki Drive is capable of approaching many styles, from blues to "light" metal via hard.