Jam Pedals Delay LLAMA MK2

The team's opinion: The Jam Pedals Delay Llama is a very high quality analog delay 100%. Indeed, the Greek brand Jam Pedals is renowned in the world of guitars for offering rigorous, original and vintage-style products. The Delay Llama is directly inspired by the echoes of the 70s and is the antithesis of a modern sound. The main reason: The use of Nos chips, exact replicas of the Panasonic MN3205.

This choice has a double impact: a relatively “short” repetition time of 600 ms maximum and a very significant coloration of the sound. We are not in the presence of a modern delay sauce shred. And besides, be aware that this Jam Pedals will be more at ease on vintage “mid-gain” amplifiers than on Hi-gain machines. I'm naturally thinking of the Marshall JCM800/JTM45 or the Hiwatt and Orange.

The 3 knobs, extremely simple, will allow you to make the effect more or less present and to adjust the repetitions. Be aware that even at the minimum, the activation of the pedal causes a significant coloration of the sound. But don't worry, we are talking about a very musical coloration and not deterioration.

As you can see, the Jam Pedals Delay Llama is a masterpiece. A pedal for those nostalgic for a bygone era. Some say it provides the sound of Pink Floyd from “THE WALL” era. Either way, this is a pedal worth looking into. The model offered here is in completely new condition, with its original box. A very good deal in a way.

A great alternative to JHS Panther Cub.

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