JHS Panther Cub


The team's opinion: The JHS Panther Cub is probably one of the most successful analog delay pedals on the market. It embeds 8 Bucket Brigade 3208 chips (a reference for echoes), incorporates a tap tempo, an effects loop affecting only the repetitions as well as a stereo output. How to tell you that this JHS is prepared for 99% eventualities. It is very nice to see that an analog 100% pedal can offer such options. Indeed, with a maximum delay time of 1.1 seconds and a switch offering 4 types of subdivisions, you might think of a digital pedal, but no!

Its great transparency allows it to be comfortable with most guitars, and supports saturation very well (unlike many analog delays). It is therefore possible to use it on high gain solos without obtaining a sonic mush. As usual, the JHS brand offers us a very high quality product with impeccable finishes. Used among others by Josh Klinghoffer (ex-Red Chili Peppers) and Dustin Kensrue (Thrice).