JHS Smiley 1969 London


The team's opinion: The JHS Smiley 1969 London is a 60's-oriented fuzz! You will have understood it thanks to its evocative shape, the latter is largely inspired by the original model of Fuzz Face, Hendrix's favorite pedal.

You know the rest: a fat and powerful sound, perfect for psych rock but also stoner and a little more modern hard. This fuzz embeds silicon transistor, renowned for its aggressiveness and stability (like germanium).

The 2 knobs make it a faithful and fairly simple pedal: Halfway through the gain, you end up with a filthy crunch reminiscent of the sound of certain ZZ Top tracks. At maximum, you will find the infinite sustain and this bump in the midrange typical of the Hendrix sound.

It is certainly a reissue of a vintage and legendary model, but with a touch of modernity that always pleases: I am naturally thinking of the little red switch on the side! The latter allows you to activate a sort of noise gate. Very effective, because this type of pedal can tend to release the breath, especially with simple microphones.

The JHS Smiley 1969 London is a great alternative to the Solidgold FX Imperial.

The pedal is in near new condition and is sold with its original box.

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