JHS Superbolt


The team's opinion: The JHS Superbolt is an overdrive simulating a Supro amp from the 60s! What a bit of originality! When you know that most manufacturers insist on making effects based on Marshalls, this Superbolt brings a breath of fresh air. But how does that actually translate? To put it simply, imagine the sound of the Led Zeppelin I and II albums. It's better ? A terribly vintage crunch, suggesting the beginnings of Hard Rock.

With a Telecaster we find ourselves in the presence of a very detailed crunch, see downright articulated and with a sacred peak in the mediums. With a Les Paul, you end up with a fatter sound, a slightly fuzzy saturation! On the Clean/Crunch channel of a vintage amp, the result is simply exhilarating. Do not hesitate to touch the small switch for more gain.

Interestingly, despite a very 60's inspiration, the saturation still goes quite far depending on the guitar. Stoner aficionados will find their account without worries. The JHS Superbolt presented here is in very good condition and is sold with its original box. It is an original pedal and will find its place without worries in the pedalboard of any guitarist seeking to diversify. A great alternative to Crazy Tube Circuits Stardust.

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