Keeley Filaments


The team's opinion: The Keeley Filaments is quite simply the most extreme distortion pedal ever designed by Keeley! And this statement comes directly from the American manufacturer. The use of 2 JFET transistors, known for their behavior close to a tube amp, reinforces the excellent dynamics of this pedal.

Like all Keeleys, this Filaments is of course handmade in the USA in small quantities. The 6 knobs on the front, coupled with 3 switches, provide incredible flexibility. This pedal is advertised as a Hi-gain product, but turns out to be very versatile. In the “crunch” position, you find yourself picking up AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. On the other hand, as soon as you push the Gain and deactivate the crunch switch, you end up with a very biting saturation! An important saturation, certainly, but always defined and above all musical. Thanks to its “Body” and “Presence” knobs, it becomes possible to obtain a big sound with a Fender Strat and calm the bass of a good old Les Paul.

This effect pedal is a formidable weapon to have in your pedalboard. Be aware that the sound signature is still similar to Marshall amplifiers. The Keeley Filaments is in my opinion an excellent alternative (a bit more “vintage”) to the Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic. The model for sale on our site is in a state near new and sold with its original box !

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