Lovepedal Echophonic Jr Delay

lovepedal brand delay pedal

The team's opinion: The Lovepedal echophonic jr delay is an exclusive effect pedal! This is now a very rare product on the second-hand market. Indeed, the Lovepedal brand no longer exists. Most of their products being of good quality, they become very sought after. This Echophonic is therefore a delay pedal, but not only. Classic in appearance, the knobs of the latter work together. Depending on the setting, it is possible to obtain a mix of Dry and Wet sound. This type of behavior has a huge impact on the dynamics and clarity of the sound.

This is where the volume and modulation knobs come in. The modulation will intervene on the voicing of the pedal, allowing you to color the sound, at the same time as the number of repetitions. We can therefore imagine a very clean delay, almost Hi-Fi, with the latter at a minimum. Increase it and you will have access to a very atmospheric rendering.

Finally, the volume knob allows you to raise the level. Many delays tend to lower the overall volume of your signal when pushed all the way up. With the Lovepedal echophonic jr delay, it's ancient history! This knob will allow you to compensate for the loss of volume generated by the modulation. A very important feature because it can also act as a boost! Imagine you want a specific delay on your solo. You will not have to adjust the volume upstream to benefit from a level increase when the pedal is activated. Finally for purists, note that this pedal is analog 100%. This little Echophonic is a great alternative to the more vintage Hermida Audio Eph3.

Find our effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube. The model offered here is in near new condition.