Lovepedal Purple Plexi


The opinion of the team: Many manufacturers try to emulate with more or less success the legendary amplifiers of the Marshall brand. Whether it's the JCM800 or the Plexi, the choice is endless. So when Lovepedal decides to launch its own interpretation of this legendary amp, curiosity piques us. Let's break the suspense of entry: This pedal sounds very good, but its name is confusing. Indeed, behind the name of Purple Plexi, we expect a drive typed Hendrix (who played on a 1959). In reality, it is rather a modded Plexi Randy Rhoad or Van Halen way. If you buy it to get closer to the sound of Hendrix, you will be disappointed.

However, if you are looking for a big fat saturation slightly vintage this pedal is for you. Indeed, the bass is held and gives a nice amplitude to your palm mute. Sides solos, this pedal is not left out either. The harmonics fuse and the sustain is there. For an overdrive, the gain goes quite far, encroaching heavily into the distortion realm. An unusual effect pedal, having received special attention (Lovepedal requires). WE love !