Mammoth Machine Twin Whales


 The team's opinion: Hey, hey, we have a Mammoth Machine Twin Whales! For the uninitiated, it's a very high-end boutique brand from the flat country (yes, I know there are quite a few Belgians on Effects Area, we're thinking of you!).

So this mastodon (because yes the pedal is huge) is a Double analog delay, supplemented by a reverb! Attention, when I speak of double delay, it is indeed 2 circuits! Which means that this pedal is actually a triple pedal. And beware, this is not the DIY version (which offers a slightly less detailed design on the front) but the original model.

This concept of double or even triple effect has been in vogue for a few years, but I must admit that this Twin Whales blew us away. It is by far the one that offers the most organic and musical delay. Be careful, this means that the echo will be colored. This can be interesting for somewhat vintage styles and on the front of your amp, but not for shredders! Turn to more modern like the Mr Black Dark Echo.

On the Twin Whales, the 2 delays offer the same settings and work in parallel! Which means you can choose to use just one or combine them at will. Very practical for the more conventional guitar looking for a very subtle and short delay to inflate its rhythms and a 2 nd when soloing! Of course, when you wish, it is possible to make them work at the same time: We can very well imagine a short delay combined with another 2x longer. It's up to you to experiment.

And the icing on the cake? The Reverb is independent and efficient! Equipped with a single knob, it will allow you to adjust its quantity. Simple but not simplistic. Of course it is possible to activate it at the same time as the delays.

The Mammoth Machine Twin Whales deserves the crown of Queen of Delays, no more and no less. It will satisfy the slightest desire of the demanding guitarist looking for a vintage sound but with the flexibility of the modern. Find our effects pedals in action on the chain Youtube.