Marshall Drive Master


The team's opinion: There are little-known brands and… the others. The Marshall Drive Master is part of the 2nd category. Is it really necessary to present it to you? Go if you insist! The “Master” collection is a series of pedals from the legendary British brand that proved its worth in the 90s. Remember, the Shredmaster made the heyday of alternative rock at that time, with in particular massive use by Jonny Greenwood ( Radiohead). The Drive Master is more in the register of overdrive, but based on the saturation of a JCM800 in crunchy mode!

And who better than Marshall to reproduce the sounds of a Marshall? This Drive Master will immediately plunge you into the 90s. Remember, this very particular saturation and totally opposed to the dual rectifier from Mesa. fans of Pearl Jam, Rage against the machine will be delighted. The others may have the opportunity to discover a very distinctive saturation, directly from a period that is unfortunately over.

The format of this Marshall Drive Master makes it a pedal from another age, where transportability was not a selling point (I accuse the manufacturers of the 2000's and their mini pedals!). Some will blame it for the lack of a real bypass, others for a dubious progressiveness. Yeah, but it was like that 30 years ago, don't you remember young virgin? We forgive you, you were probably not born (me neither).

An excellent alternative to the more modern Lovepedal Purple Plexi. Find our effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube bunch of rascals.