Mi Audio Polyana


The team's opinion: Polyanna … where to start? This pedal is simply unclassifiable. It is said. However, if you are a fan of Jack White or the sound of Royal Blood you will be satisfied. This effect pedal is actually a triple octave. Most products in this category allow you to move up or down an octave, but rarely do both at the same time. Here, the Australian brand offers us a pedal capable of octave on 3 levels at the same time!

To put it simply, you can go down 2 octaves, at the same time an octave lower and finally an octave higher! The result is 4 superimposed sounds, thus creating an ultra-massive and particularly enjoyable “wall” with a big fuzz. It is possible to manage the amount of octave per stage as well as the dry signal! Which means you can get an unobtrusive upper octave and very present lower octaves. The dry knob allows you to mix the amount of octave stages onto the original signal.

Minimum setting the 3 octaves are discreet, maximum settings, they engulf the original signal. The sensitivity knob will allow you to manage the oscillation of the octaves, in order to give a more or less precise sound. A rare effect pedal on the second-hand market, offered here in good condition with its original box! Attention, optimal operation on a saturated channel or with an overdrive!