MR Black Dark Echo


boutique delay pedal

The team's opinion: The Mr Black Dark Echo is a very high-end boutique delay pedal. Indeed, if you are looking for a simple echo you can go your way. The Dark Echo is intended for lovers of experimentation. This pedal delivers a rather “dark” echo. But beware, dark does not mean that it eats up the dynamics. This is an artistic choice.

Often, delay pedals add echo across the entire frequency band. Here, the echo is rather concentrated on the mids and low mids. Of course the bandwidth can be adjusted via the Sway knob. This Mr Black then becomes particularly suitable for guitars with simple pickups such as Stratocaster or Telecaster. Indeed, these guitars tend to deliver rather pronounced treble to the detriment of the bass (simplifying to the extreme). Thanks to this pedal you will be able to suppress unwanted frequencies while creating a “heavy” atmosphere.

The pedal combining analog and digital technology, it is possible to obtain a very long echo, ideal for ambient sounds. Small significant feature, if you put the delay and repetitions to a minimum, you can transform the pedal into a “Low-Boost”. A boost focused on low-mids and mids frequencies, ideal for inflating your sound!

An excellent alternative to the more atypical Lovepedal Echophonic Jr Delay. The Mr Black Dark Echo offered here is in mint condition, and sold with its original box. Find our effects pedal tests on our channel Youtube