MXR Il Diavolo Overdrive


The team's opinion: We were delighted to receive this MXR Il Diavolo Overdrive! Indeed, MXR pedals are safe bets. But the models from their Custom Shop are often very interesting!

So what is this Il Diavolo worth? According to MXR, it would be the ultimate Tubescreamer. Marketing or small success?

The Ibanez Tubescreamer is a legendary effect pedal. However, it is not free from flaws… The first? It tends to cut the bass and push the mids too much. Often giving a nasal effect. The second ? It has a very limited profit margin. With the Diavolo, Mxr intends to rectify the situation.

For this achievement, the American brand has teamed up with Carlo Sorasio, the founder of a boutique amplifier brand. The latter proposed a model with better balanced frequencies: We keep this boost of mids specific to the TS, but while preserving the bass. But don't worry, that's not all...the MXR Il Diavolo has a 3-position switch. In Hi, the crunchy sound comes from LED diodes while in LO, it comes from silicon diodes!! In the center, it bypasses all the diodes to give a more transparent boost. This is the real difference.

As you can imagine, this has an impact on the final rendering. So Mxr bet held? Yes !

The effect pedal sold here is offered in new condition but sold without its original box. A great alternative to James Tube Blower.

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