MXR MC-402


The team's opinion: Yes, sometimes going back to little classics does no harm to anyone. We already had the Mc 401 from MXR in stock so why not test its big sister? As you will have understood, this 2-in-1 pedal offers the boost part of the MC401, to which we combine a fairly transparent overdrive. The purpose of the latter is therefore to add 2 channels to your favorite amplifier. Starting from the clean channel of the latter, you can easily switch to crunch thanks to the overdrive of the pedal. For a chorus or a solo, all you have to do is activate the boost to go from crunch to thick and somewhat dirty saturation.

Because yes, this pedal deliberately “dirties” your sound! It will be ideal for Rock fans of all kinds, Hard and Blues, but not for shredders. Of course, it can also boost the overdrive channel of your amp!