Okko King Krunch


The team's opinion: With this Okko King Krunch our German friends are not kidding... Between Effects Area and Okko it's a great love story! Since the creation of our site we have seen 4 references from home and have been conquered each time! (special mention to the Coca Comp and the VIB).

This King Krunch is part of the new range of effects pedals from Okko. The latter was designed to reproduce the sounds of a Marshall Plexi from the 70s. I know that many brands try to offer many “Amp-Like” pedals with more or less success, but Okko offers us here a top flight product.

The King Krunch brings this grain and this bump in the mids typical of this legendary Marshall. The hardest thing to transcribe with the latter is its dynamics. The Okko is doing wonderfully. By pushing the gain knob, the sound of AC/DC and Gun's is offered to you (fingers sold separately). The 2-band EQ is in my eyes a great success. It is not intended to offer a plethora of drastic settings, no. On the contrary, we are in the subtle, while remaining very musical and effective. This pedal marvelously transcribes the nuances of your instrument, like its reference amp.

The Okko King Krunch is a vintage-oriented effect pedal and appears to be an excellent alternative to the Diamond Cornerstone. Find our effects pedal tests on our channel Youtube.