One Control Lemon Yellow


The team's opinion: Hey, let's continue with the excellent One Control brand! I warn you from the outset, I will not be objective. Indeed, in recent months we have seen several brand references, including the excellent One Control Sea Turquoise Delay

This brand had amazed us with the quality of their effects, their originality, all at a very reasonable price. So we continue with the Lemon Yellow Compressor. You will understand, it is a compressor, but not only. Most Nippone brand pedals have a switch allowing them to switch from one “effect” to another. Here it is possible to switch from a compressor to a sustainer!! Depending on the context it can be crazy. In compressor position, the effect is to be classified in the “discreet” but effective category. In this configuration, you will bring a dose of musicality to your single coil pickups.

Moving on to the sustainer, well...that's a big surprise!! By pushing the gain of the pedal, we end up with a more massive sound and rich in harmonics. A significant surprise because I was not expecting this pedal at all for this feature. Be careful, the “Sustain” switch is absolutely no gadget, and I even think I prefer it to its primary function as a compressor. Like what !

The effect pedal is offered here in a state near new and is sold with its original box !