Pigtronix Bass Compressor


The team's opinion: We all know that compression occupies a very important place in the hearts of our bass friends! But beware, as a demanding musician, you have the right to demand the most natural compression possible, otherwise you will lose the very essence of your sound! This is where the Pigtronix Bass Compressor comes in, an excellent effect pedal, derived from the philosopher rock for guitar. Much more than a compressor, it is also a sustainer/overdrive. Indeed, the compression acts here in parallel, which allows you to dissociate the dry/wet signal. Depending on the blend settings, you will be able to mix a very compressed signal full of harmonics with the original signal of your bass. Thanks to this trick, you will be able to reach high levels of compression without distorting your sound. An excellent pedal, rather original and which will allow you a lot of flexibility according to your set up. The pedal presented here is in new condition, with its original box and 18v power supply!