Red Witch Pentavocal Trem

The team's opinion: The Pentavocal from Red Witch follows the approach dear to the brand, namely: Offering original effects pedals and analog 100%. Complex at first glance with its many knobs, the latter will allow you to experiment a lot.

Yes, because the Red Witch brand only offers products for "tweakers". If you are looking for an all-terrain tremolo, you can go your way. It is possible, thanks to the switch present on the latter, to go from an undulating tremolo in a “sinusoidal” way to a “square” modulation. Casually, this feature has a strong impact on your sound. If you add to that more classic knobs like the Depth (the dry/wet of the effect), the Velocity for the speed and the Volume to compensate for the loss of the latter. Another significant originality, the Bottom knob, allowing you to filter the treble or not! To put it simply, the higher a note is, the less it will be taken into account by the tremolo. Formidable if you play on a reputedly “screaming” guitar.

In short, an excellent reference, which has become rare on the second-hand market!