Rodenberg Gas 808B


The team's opinion: The Rodenberg Gas 808 is an overdrive for our bass friends! This is the 2nd pedal from the German brand that we have included in our stock and we are always satisfied with the performance of the latter. The design, both refined but classy, immediately gives us an impression of quality.

But let's get to the sound! The least we can say is that this overdrive is extremely versatile. Indeed, in the normal position, the gain starts as a clean boost. Ideal thing to discreetly bring out the harmonics of your instrument. Crank up the gain and here we are in the world of saturation. Relatively contained, of course, but a saturation that will please all rock fans.

But did you hear about the 909 switch? Well, the latter will transform your overdrive into a heavy saturation bordering on fuzz! And the icing on the cake? When you turn up the distortion on a bass, the low frequencies tend to disappear, that's how it is. Well the Rodenberg Gas 808 gratifies us with a very nice feature: a Deep switch! Thanks to the latter you will be able to inflate the bass and compensate for this lack due to saturation. Isn't that beautiful?

A great alternative to Solidgold FX Beta Superdrive ! Find our effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube.