Suhr Riot Reloaded


 The team's opinion: The Suhr Riot Reloaded is the revisited version of the classic Suhr Riot. Behind its flashy finish hides a demonic saturation! If the classic Riot was already high enough in gain, the Reloaded version offers 30% more saturation, while maintaining exemplary dynamics. But if you think this effect pedal is only for metalheads, you are wrong! At the start of the race, the gain knob delivers a sustained Crunch but adapted to Classic Rock. From 12 o'clock, we enter the domain of distortion! The 3-position switch will modify the structure of the gain and the equalization: In position 1, say "Classic", the mids are boosted and the grain more vintage. In position 2, “Modern”, the bass is increased and the grain more compressed.

In position 3, “Scooped”, the mids are reduced to the detriment of the bass and treble, ideal for a modern rhythm. Despite its unique “Tone” knob, it is easy to quickly find its place in the mix. The 3-position switch increases the possibilities tenfold. Finally, the pedal can be supplied with 18V, for increased dynamics! As always with Suhr, the pedal is extremely quiet and well finished.