Suhr Shiba Drive Kiko Loureiro


Team Review: We recently featured the original Suhr Shiba Drive on our site. When we saw the Kiko Loureiro signature model we couldn't resist. If you have heard of the Suhr brand, you know the quality of the American brand's products: Handmade with sorted components. But what is this signature model worth? FYI, Kiko Loureiro is a Brazilian guitarist, known for being the former soloist of Angra and now playing for Megadeth! What heavy. The latter was a fan of the Shiba Drive and offered improvements for his signature model.

In addition to an amazing "Laser Engraved" finish, the signature model offers the following improvements: Better definition in the treble, a more pronounced low end at the bottom of the spectrum (especially for palm mute) and a much greater gain than the original version. This pedal, although developed at the base to boost an amp, reacts very well as a main saturation!

Its circuit is extremely silent and does not deteriorate the signal. The Smooth switch allows you to modify the bass response, ideal depending on the guitar used and the microphones (single or double). It is also possible to supply it with 18V, which will bring an additional openness to your sound, and to attach an external controller thanks to the FX Link. An excellent reference, designed above all for solo guitarists! A product now very rare on the second-hand market, offered here in NEW condition.