Tomkat Daydreamer


The team's opinion: Ok this time you're not ready... we found you an extremely rare Tomkat Day Dreamer! For some it is simply the delay of a lifetime. And for me too… Besides, if no one could buy it that wouldn't bother me. So the Tomkat brand is specialized in extremely qualitative boutique effects pedals. Their rarity is matched only by their quality. The model in our possession is also number 160 (in addition to being in new condition).

As you can see, this is an analog 100% delay. Yes, but in reality it is much more! The Tomkat Day Dreamer perfectly mixes delay and reverb. The chef's surprise? A possibility of “Freezer” the time. Yes EHX Freeze way but much more qualitative.

Thanks to this pedal you will be able to reproduce a very short typed surf echo, agreeing perfectly with the snapping of the single coils. Yes, because this pedal softens the sound in an impressive and very musical way. The possibility of mixing delay and reverb brings a real plus, because your arpeggios can quickly become stratospheric. While playing, you can press the button at any time to “freeze” the echo. It will then be possible to create a synth effect!

Its 3 knobs make it an easy to understand effects pedal. A great alternative to JHS Panther Cub. Find our effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube !

The Tomkat Day Dreamer offered here is in new condition and is sold with its original box.