Vertex Dynamic Drive


 The team's opinion: The Vertex Dynamic Distortion is, as its name suggests, an ultra-responsive distortion pedal!

We already had a good surprise with the T Drive of this brand, but this Dynamic Distortion is already a must! You know our slogan: “Define your sound”. The Vertex Dynamic Distortion is typically the kind of effect pedal referring to it. Imagine a formidable combination between 2 legendary effects: A 60's-style Germanium fuzz and an 80's-style TS9!

When you know that overdrives and fuzz go very well together, you can imagine what a pedal offering these 2 circuits in the same box can give! At first glance, the very simple controls will allow you to shape your sound precisely: The Tone will allow you to tip the scales in favor of the fuzz or the od! At bottom, you will be in the presence of a very thick fuzz, at 0, simply the TS9. Between the 2 all the possible nuances.

Where it gets interesting is when you mix the 2 circuits by trying different combinations, while modulating the gain. A rather rare effect pedal on the second-hand market and truly original. The copy offered here is in new condition!

Vertex Dynamic Distortion is a great alternative to Solidgold FX Imperial Fuzz.

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