Walrus Audio Red


The team's opinion: We were waiting for this Walrus Audio Red! But why in fact? Well quite simply because it is a revisited and boutique version of the legendary Boss MT-2 or Metal Zone for friends!

A mythical effect pedal, adored by some but hated by others. Indeed, the MT2 from Boss is an extreme distortion pedal, reproducing the trash sounds of the 90's. The problem is that it is tricky to adjust and quickly tends to turn into a beehive.

This is where Walrus Audio comes in. The latter offer with the RED a reinterpretation of the MT2. Exit the unmanageable knobs and welcome a real 3-band equalization. What is striking with the latter (besides the very significant screen printing) is the slightly different voicing of the MT2. It's less compressed, and less garish. The gain may be slightly less far but we gain momentum!

From noon, the gain already delivers a very thick saturation, which will suffice in 90% situations. Another significant detail: The Texture knob. The latter allows you to really change the tone of the pedal. A very useful point for guitarists wishing to switch from a guitar with single to double pickups for example.

The Walrus Audio Red is a very good alternative to the Bogner Uberschall. The pedal offered for sale is in very good condition but sold without its original box. Find our effects pedals on the Youtube channel Effects Area.