Wampler Fuzztration


The team's opinion: A used Wampler Fuzztration is rather rare on the market! Especially since this pedal is in new condition. So what is this Fuzzstration? Well simply the effect that will satisfy the most frustrated of you about fuzz. Indeed, the Americans at Wampler wanted to develop the “ultimate” Fuzz capable of satisfying the needs of all guitarists. So bet held? What is certain is that this Fuzz has it in the stomach. Between its many knobs allowing an effective work of frequencies and its switches, versatility is at the rendezvous.

Remember, the main problem with fuzz is the loss of mid frequencies. No problem here! The mid knob will allow you to recover this essential frequency for the mix. Special mention to the “tone voice” knob which will subtly modify the voicing of the pedal. In tight, your fuzz will be more precise, in open position more massive. The headroom is very substantial and will satisfy lovers of Stoner, Doom but also Jack White alternative Rock.

And as if that weren't enough, Wampler has decided to add an Octaver, which can be positioned post/pre Fuzz at will! Thanks to the latter you will be able to experiment, especially on the solo phases. This is an “Up” octave. Be careful, in order to get the best out of it, you will have to spend some time on it. However once set up you will love it. Typically the type of effect used by Josh Homme from QOTSA or Mike Kerr from Royal Blood.

A used Wampler Fuzztration at the best price! The latter is sold with its original box and its goodies. It has no marks or poc. New at used price.
An excellent alternative to the highly confidential DopeFX Earth Dweller.
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