Weeboo Plexdrive


 The team's opinion: I see you coming from here with this Weehbo Plexdrive: another effect pedal emulating the character of a Marshall Plexi. Yes, but in a slightly different way. Most of the manufacturers offering Plexi-inspired pedals present us above all with rather straightforward saturations: The sound of a burnt-out Plexi.

Here, the German brand Weehbo offers us a pedal that takes the cult of saturation upside down. Indeed, the Plexdrive seeks above all to recreate the crunch of a Plexi but not a frank saturation. And this is the tour de force of this pedal. If you are looking for fat and hairy saturation I would recommend the Okko King Krunch, which excels in this field.

The Plexdrive is for musicians looking for a subtle crunch, responding perfectly to the nuances of your playing or the volume knobs. As soon as activated and gain at minimum, your sound will be thickened. The harmonics are more present and the medium side of the Plexi appears. The many controls of the latter will allow you to quickly find the “sweet spot”. Indeed, whether you use a Telecaster or a Les Paul, it will be possible to find a setting adapted to each instrument.

As if that were not enough, the pedal features a “dynamic” switch. Basically, when you activate the latter, the gain will drop further to the detriment of the clarity of your playing. Be careful in this position, errors are not forgiving! In normal mode, saturation happens faster but don't expect distortion! We get as close as possible to the sound of Ac/dc at their beginning or of ZZ Top. Hard Rock fans will probably find this a little too fair. Special mention to the boost switch, cleverly placed after the preamplification section in order to increase the volume of the effect and not the gain.

The Weehbo Plexdrive is an interesting, intelligent and very qualitative effect pedal. Finally favoring expressiveness rather than savagery. The pedal is in near new condition, the “relic” finish being normal for this model! Find our effects pedals in action on our channel Youtube.