Xotic BB Preamp


the team's opinion: Is it still necessary to present the excellent BB Preamp from Xotic? I do not think so ! But when you like… The BB Preamp is probably the most popular overdrive/boost guitarists have had over the past decade. This pedal is supposed to be similar to the Marshall Blues Breaker. It is true that when you push the gain, you find this Marshallian grain! But where the latter is also formidable, it is in the “Boost” configuration.

Minimum gain and full volume, the Marshallian side is more discreet and will leave more room for the personality of your amp. In this way, it is then possible to push your amplifier to its limits. This pedal pairs easily with most amplifiers on the market. It is therefore possible to use it in all configurations: whether for Blues or Metal, its reputation is not usurped. The model offered here is in new condition.